Gig Workers Are Falling To The Cash Advance Trap

Brand brand New technology, old issues

The advertisements are typical over Snapchat and Hulu. They’re shot to appear just like the slice-of-life that is same video clip you’re currently viewing, showing normal individuals who might like to do normal things — take a gf to a film, alter a baby’s diaper, purchase my bridezilla sibling a final minute wedding present all authorized by the Earnin application, which allows you to “stop awaiting payday.”

Earnin provides the employees of tomorr o w — the Uber drivers, the DoorDash deliverers, the Wag walkers — a portion of the hourly or specialist profits nearly straight away. The idea is to cash out for hours worked before your check clears, and Earnin pays itself back when you receive your direct deposit like any payday loan service. Presuming all goes based on plan, anyhow. It doesn’t constantly, exposing kinks within the solution while the problems faced by individuals who utilize it. Continue reading Gig Workers Are Falling To The Cash Advance Trap