Connect to Sewer. Is sanitary sewer available to my current single-family residence?

Help Guide to helping homeowners “Connect to Sewer” to dependable, expense effective, environmentally- friendly general public sewer. It’s easy, simply follow these steps and we’ll assistance you through the procedure. If at any time you have got a concern or issues, please provide us with a call, we’re here to help you. Clients going in or out of an current house can get assistance from Account Assistance. If the business or home has already been linked, and also you wish to move solution into the title, contact Account Assistance to start service.

New Link With Sanitary Sewer

Analysis & Preparing

Is sewer that is sanitary to my current single-family residence?

Action 1 – Contact Us. An Engineering Technician will prepare a Sewer Availability Request Form. Then proceed to Step 2 if sewer is available for immediate connection.

Sewer can be acquired for instant connection if: a sewer primary abuts the home or even a lateral exists to your right-of-way. In that case, proceed to Step 2. What if sewer just isn’t available?

Step two: a Connection will be completed by the District Fee Quote for the house owner. The estimate will support the following:

System Developing Charge. Permit Fees. Reimbursements for the mainline that is existing lateral. Utility Right of means license ( for a lateral if a person isn’t installed) if one is not installed) TAP on the mainline (for a lateral


Action 3 – Financing Connection: home owner will pay in complete and take benefit of District funding. If spending in full, continue to move 5.

Move 4 – If financing through The District, it is possible to fund the device developing Charge plus the price of constructing the medial side sewer and abandoning the septic system. E mail us to start out the funding procedure. This technique involves:

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