9 of the Most Common Questions Regarding Period Intercourse, Answered

From “is it safe?,” to “can my gf get expecting?,” we addressed dudes’ most common questions regarding just how to have sexual intercourse when it is that point associated with the thirty days

Which means that your gf or spouse is on her behalf duration. You’re wondering in the event that you should a) refrain from sex all week, or b) convincingly make an argument that this week must be all about blow jobs. But why be that guy — specially when good antique PIV sex is still up for grabs?We are, needless to say, referring to duration intercourse, which may be awesome and enjoyable for all included. While many dudes are grossed down by the basic concept, other people think it’s great. As Miles Klee of MEL Magazine succinctly places it: “”You like intercourse. Period intercourse is intercourse. Do not overthink this.”

Nevertheless maybe perhaps maybe not convinced? It is also worth noting that menstrual blood doesn’t really contain that much bloodstream at all: when it comes to part that is most, it’s muscle through the uterine liner, which a lady’s human body sheds whenever she does not conceive, describes Jessica Shepherd, MD, an OB/GYN. Finally, the choice to have duration intercourse is between you and your spouse. But then you shouldn’t miss out on out on an entire week of sex just because there’s another bodily fluid present if both of you are in the mood. Below are a few answers that are doctor-approved 9 of the very common concerns males have about period sex.

Is period intercourse gross?

Think about among the better sexual experiences in your life. Does the word “tidy” come to mind? Nah. It’s most likely more over the relative lines of “hot,” “sweaty,” or “filthy.” That’s as the sex that is best frequently is a bit messy, and duration intercourse isn’t any exclusion: in the end, if you’re already covered in your lover’s perspiration, genital liquids, and saliva, why be frightened of only a little bloodstream? Continue reading 9 of the Most Common Questions Regarding Period Intercourse, Answered