Marjoram and oregano share the genus “originum,” however they are not similar.


Although marjoram is a specific types of oregano, it really is milder. It develops its aroma that is best in hot climates. A kind of marjoram grown in Jordan, Lebanon and Israel is recognized as “zahtar.” Greek legend has it that marjoram, also called joy-of-the-mountain, developed its aroma whenever moved by Venus, the goddess of love. If marjoram expanded on a grave website, it had been thought the nature associated with the dead ended up being calm and delighted. To master the identification of one’s spouse that is future could rest within the existence regarding the natural herb, and also you would dream of the as-yet-unknown love.

Wreaths of marjoram had been utilized to crown newly married people in ancient Greece and Rome to create them love, happiness and honour. It absolutely was likewise found in the Middle Ages, carried at weddings or presented in bouquets. Since it has also been considered to have antiseptic qualities, it had been utilized in the spaces regarding the unwell, and quite often scattered on the flooring at funerals. It was employed for washing as well as in the purification of temples in biblical times. Marjoram had been another witchcraft antidote also. It had been said that “. no individual that has offered by herself towards the devil could abide it,” in accordance with Charles Skinner when you look at the 1915 book “Myths and Legends of plants, woods, Fruits and flowers.”

Marjoram’s medical uses have included ingesting honeyed marjoram tea to protect and bolster the sound; as an answer for snake poison; as a mood stabiliser; as a digestive help; as a toothache remedy, by chewing the leaves; and also as an inhalant in vapor for sinus and laryngitis dilemmas. Continue reading Marjoram and oregano share the genus “originum,” however they are not similar.