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Residence Gay Travel guidelines the greatest travel that is gay around!

We have expected this a lot.

Since we began travelling within our more (ahem!) junior years, smart phones did not also exist…Cue our elder Millennial lecture in regards to the good days that are old…

In the past, the net had been restricted to e-mail, ICQ and Windows messenger.

whenever it stumbled on travelling, we merely possessed a Lonely earth guide, a compass (for the geeks amongst us), an noisy alarms on our wristwatch, a walkman with some free cassette tapes, those old-style cameras and some spare negatives… (and obviously, a good amount of extra condoms/lube, why don’t we maybe not keep the essentials out!)

In this point in time, our iPhones have just about become our go-to-item that is main for every thing, with apps to pay for all the stuff above, and much more. In your head, just whip out the smartphone and voila!), it’s also made us more efficient with both time and how we spend our money whilst we appreciate this has made us lazier (that conversion of Indian rupees to dollars, forget doing it.

After a long time of travelling all over the world, we have come up with our top favourite travel that is gay we love making use of and have now become therefore determined by. several points to keep in mind: