8 Karma Sutra intercourse jobs:The ultimate sex roles

Spank me personally perhaps

Spank me personally possibly: As the partner sits upright with both their legs extended in the front, straddle him reverse cowgirl-style, however with your feet stretched behind both you and your torso placed between his legs and shins. He will love the unforgettable view that is rear’s getting and just how effortless it really is for him to carefully smack the couch.

Mission control

Mission control: along with your guy lying on their straight straight straight back from the bed, have him raise their knees up to their upper body. Then straddle their hips and squat which means that your thighs hug their. On to his penis, take some lacy lingerie, a bathrobe tie or a pair of furry handcuffs and tie his wrists to the bedposts before you lower yourself.

Belt it out

Belt it down: take a seat on your kitchen countertop or along with the automatic washer with him standing facing you, and sling a gear round the wide section of their straight back. Keeping the ends associated with gear for stability, boost your feet on to their arms then rest your feet gently. Continue reading 8 Karma Sutra intercourse jobs:The ultimate sex roles