7 Most Useful Intercourse Wedges | A Married Couples Review

Another Great Intercourse Wedge number 1: Liberator Jaz

The Liberator Jaz boasts of the high-density foam construction that supports your system for longer periods of lovemaking. With this specific innovation that is sexy will enjoy new and various angles of penetration.

Most of all, the angle allows for better usage of your partner’s genitals during dental intercourse and much much deeper penetration during sexual intercourse.

The wedge’s tiny size makes it perfect for traveling. Unlike other wedges, it is simple to fit the Jaz in your travel case and have now enjoyable from anywhere you may be.

Besides being produced from the high-density foam, this pillow additionally packs a lush microsuede address. The cover seems great against bare epidermis and it is machine-washable, helping to make maintenance that is overall blissful.

Furthermore, the wedge includes a moisture-resistant liner that prevents water and the body liquids from getting wet.

Another Great Intercourse Wedge # 2: Liberator Decor Whirl

The Liberator Décor Whirl is a fantastic intimate placement pillow that’s bound to revolutionize your sex-life.

It comes with a high-density foam construction that offers company, supportive padding through your lovemaking. This treasure from Liberator gives the lift that is much-needed better use of your partner’s vagina while having sex.

This intimate positioning pillow is compact in proportions and unlimited when it comes to its abilities. It may be positioned in multiple areas including beneath the knees and ankles to boost the number of one’s thrusting rhythm, plus the pillow may also be used to cause a strong rolling motion to style that is doggy. Continue reading 7 Most Useful Intercourse Wedges | A Married Couples Review